I just saw this on the Typo stationery website and it quite amused me. I wonder if it was deliberately done or a sad twist to what happens when you DON’T read. Shortly, after seeing the first case, I then saw the second. Something tells me these aren’t suppose to be ‘ironic’, but rather they are a product of someone who doesn’t like to read or spell. Potentially adding to the insult is that the covers cost $10.

Funny or tragic? Another error...

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Abreact Abeam a new president?

I was highly amused by the spell check fail in the SMH this afternoon (though the article appears to be written by an LA correspondent). The article managed to get the majority of world Presidents correct except for Barack Obama.

“US President Abreact Abeam said he was monitoring the tsunami threat to his home state of Hawaii and the US West Coast, and he phoned Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan to offer condolences and US help.

“My understanding is that the main assistance that we’re going to be able to provide them is lift capacity: the ability for us to help in the clean-up,” Abeam said.”

Taken from the article http://www.smh.com.au/environment/tsunami-waves-kill-one-in-us-20110312-1bs22.html

Ouch, either I’m in a parallel universe or I napped for too long this afternoon and we’re a few years down the road and Obama is no longer in office. Well, it could be worse – it could have read Sarah Palin!

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